I don’t know *what* my opinion is on the Libya situation.

You want to know why?  It’s because I don’t know what the heck it is that we’re doing in Libya right now.  Are we toppling the government? Are we setting up an effective partition of the country?  Are we acting? Reacting?  Is there an actual plan, or are we just making this up as we go along?  And not only do I not know: neither does anybody else.  Including, apparently, the President’s own party leadership, which is just as much in the dark as the rest of us.  It’s not helpful that there isn’t a consistent message coming out from the administration, either.  The President is playing soccer in Brazil; the Secretary of Defense is being embarrassed by the Russians; and the Secretary of State is… making surreptitious calls to her old leadership PAC, probably.  You tell me who’s minding the store right now.

I admit it: I was spoiled by the previous administration… actually, no.  I was spoiled by the previous four administrations.  Whether I agreed with the various military interventions or not of those administrations, at least we were told about them ahead of time.  We had a basic idea of what the goal was, who was in charge, and what we were going to be doing.  The plan didn’t always work, but there was a plan.  If there’s a plan now, it’d be great if more than three people know what it is.

‘Three’ is me being optimistic, by the way.

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5 thoughts on “I don’t know *what* my opinion is on the Libya situation.”

  1. “It’s because I don’t know what the heck it is that we’re doing in Libya right now. ”

    My intuition tells me we’re rescuing the Muslim Brotherhood’s fighters who were trapped in Benghazi. Why else would the left ever do this. The “humanitarian effort” story is a typical leftist cover story for the useful idiots.

  2. As a former military attorney, I can tell you that your opinion would be easy to reach if you start at the beginning, which is this is a patently illegal war. The president did not even seek, much less gain, approval from Congress, and there is NO statutory or other legal authority for his use of force against a country that poses no imminent threat to the U.S. This is a violation of our Constitution, of Federal statutes, and international law. The real question is WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A CHECK ON A ROGUE PRESIDENT????

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    • National self interest for bombing Libya

    I think he wanted to show himself to be decisive world leader, and not some “Carteresque” milquetoast.

    But Libya?

    Oh brother.

  4. After the Iraq War began, we had a number of Democrats who tried to back out of their votes claiming that they thought Bush would use the threat of war with Iraq, once they had the resolution to go to war, as leverage, not as an actual green light to start a war.
    Frankly, since Pres**ent Obama has been the biggest wuss since before President Monroe, the whole idea of using the threat (something that Bush manage to use on Libya in regard to their nuclear program) was a none starter.
    If the threat of war had been on the table, we might have been able to handle this whole matter on the cheap, but this is the price for wimpiness.

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