Day 3, Guerrilla Video Pledge Drive (with Hate Mail!)

I did fairly well yesterday – about 20% or so of what I was hoping to acquire, actually.  And, remember how I was telling you that there are “people out there who find my posts obnoxious, my style grating, and my cheerful inability to perceive their greatness intolerable“?  Here, meet one of them.  From the mailbag, regarding my NPR post*:

Remember: this person does not want me to have an iPad2.  If I end up with an iPad2 and this person doesn’t have one, that will gnaw at his/her entrails until the end of time itself.  And if I end up with an iPad2 and this person does have one, it will be as ashes in his or her mouth to know that one of them has the same Holy Object and is using it to help with electing more… Republicans.  And conservatives.


Moe Lane

*Must have been the ‘trash behavior’ bit.  Some of these people absolutely hate having it pointed out when they’re being low-rent.

10 thoughts on “Day 3, Guerrilla Video Pledge Drive (with Hate Mail!)”

  1. You don’t let comments that don’t toe the party line? You let me say any stupid thing I want (like the Star Trek thread) and it posts instantly. Obviously this guy didn’t even TRY hitting “submit comment”. What a maroon. Obviously his life is organized around jealousy of people more successul than him, else he wouldn’t attempt to gloat about listening to a radio station that needs tax dollars just to exist.

    1. Oh, I am so totally biased (and unfair!) when it comes to commenting here; and I have filters set up* to keep political dweebs (like the person I’m using to fundraise) from stinking up the place. It’s just that I give non-political commentary a much longer free rein.

      *The best part about said filters is that I can send people to autospam – which means that then their bitter screeds not only don’t get published; they don’t even truly get communicated. There’s something fun in contemplating that.

  2. Moe, you have a way with persuasion. Maybe you can help me when I’m ready to get my Blackberry Playbook 🙂

    In the meantime, perhaps it would be nice to know I’ve contributed to the agony of a liberal who honestly thinks we look up to their elitist snobbery.

    1. Christine: the funny part is, I was going to go with another angle for today – only that comment fell right into my lap at just the right moment.

    1. Well, I’d like to say that my recent near-breaking of my ankle meant that I can’t do the fifty-yard dash anymore, but, shoot, I was out of shape and not very good at track and field events before that happened, either.

  3. There. Slipped you a little cash. Just to tick off that guy.

    And, really, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if you spent it at e23 instead of the Apple Store.

  4. And re: your autospam bit — that is evil. Truly, truly evil. They may spend an hour composing their comment, and yet it goes totally unseen by you, which means they’ve wated their time even by THEIR standards. On a semi-related note, have you considered becoming my personal tech deity?

    1. I recommend asking Neil for tech deity duty: as Terry Pratchett once wrote, I just hit the rock with the other rock. And then I hit the other rock with the rock.

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