#rsrh Keith Olbermann doing WPitW… from his apartment.

I refused to believe this when I first read it, but yeah: it’s the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, embarked on his new and exciting career of ranting from the privacy of his own home.  Which is what *I* do, sure, but… it’s what *I* do, and while it doesn’t bug me I imagine that it bugs Keith Olbermann, at least a little.  Anyway, to quote my wife – who is, by the way, a ninja when it comes to rhetorical assassinations – “Was he doing it in his pajamas?”

Thankfully, no.  The guy’s even shaving.  But there’s something about that tie that is not quite, well, on

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Keith Olbermann doing WPitW… from his apartment.”

  1. Roger Waters wrote about the Fletcher Memorial Home for incurable tyrants and kings– we need something like that for washed-up liberal reporters that have worn out their welcome in the MSM. There would be video cameras and closed-circuit TV so they could appear on TV and feel good about themselves, but without subjecting the populace at large to their paranoid rantings.

  2. This peice is missing a sound-effect. The one that mimics the noise one hears as he observes another person slurpee the ditch.

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