The Circle of Corn-based Ethanol.

It’s quite fun, for given values of “fun:”

You have to realize, of course, that darn few DC bureaucrats actually drive anywhere.  And the ones that do rarely pump their own gas.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

4 thoughts on “The Circle of Corn-based Ethanol.”

  1. It struck me the other day that the reason Pepsi is keeping the various “throwback” mixes around is that sugar and corn syrup may just be around the same price right now.

  2. Moe, you missed a couple points:

    Every piece of equipment for fuel handling, from pumps to cars, had to be redesigned for 10% ethanol. Unfortunately, when upping the percentage to 15%, all the tests showed that seals, hoses, etc. that would handle 10% would NOT handle 15%. Decision: Do it anyway.

    Suppliers can’t afford to keep 2 different sets of fuel tanks, pumps, etc. so they will have to transition everything to 15% capable.

    There is any amount of equipment (mowers, tractors, etc.) that will not handle even 10% alcohol.

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