The Morning After Wisconsin.

Well.  It’s barely Prosser, and we’re off to the recount.  You’re going to see the phrase  ‘margin of fraud’ a lot this morning; while this is a valid concern, the bright side to that is that with a Republican governor AND Republican legislature – neither of which is particularly inclined to be trusting – Wisconsin Democrats will find it harder to play the same games that their compatriots may-or-may-not-have-played in either Washington State or Minnesota.  Seriously, having Republicans in charge of the oversight hearings will be a big help in keeping down shenanigans; we had neither in the Rossi / Coleman affairs, and in my opinion it had an effect.

Even brighter side?  Maybe Secretary of State Doug La Follette* will muck up things enough to justify a recall election.  Retiring that particular well-meaning political dynasty from the American political scene would frankly be a mitzvah.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I’m sure that the labor unions are even now declaring moral victory and hoping for an actual one.  Let me note this real quick: the goal wasn’t for them to win, precisely.  The goal was to make us afraid of their power.  It didn’t quite work.

*This is why you don’t neglect the state-level elections, by the way.  And why you default to voting a straight party ticket.

5 thoughts on “The Morning After Wisconsin.”

  1. Margin of fraud, indeed.

    What’s nice to see, though, is the comeback the GOP is making in Wisconsin.

  2. Hey, I just found a box full of Wisconsin ballots in the trunk of my car here in Oklahoma! Should I find some union guys to count these for you?

  3. Moe, However, doesn’t this over-active focus on a mere state Supreme Court race indicate that a lot of our politics, policy-making, and economics has passed the Point of Diminishing Returns?

    When you have the Left’s clientele going to the mattresses over keeping KNOWINGLY UNSUSTAINABLE benefits, you know something is wrong. When you have a Grover Norquist making a serious argument that removing the ethanol subsidy is a TAX INCREASE, you know too many are fighting over crumbs. When you have both sides attempt to make a pitch for their preferred policy solutions vis-a-vis GE’s typically masterful tax-avoidance behavior, you just KNOW this is screwy.

    Seriously. Just whom is profiting from all of us going in this direction of ever-diminishing returns?

  4. 2004 saw quite a bit of fraud in Milwaukee that, if I recall right, gave Kerry his margin of victory in that county. I’d be worried about recounts there.

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