#rsrh Q&A Time with the Huffington Post.


Why does the Tea Party seem to be so much more effective than the left as a movement?


Because you guys suck.

(H/T: Hot Air Headlines)

Moe Lane

PS: …What? The guy doesn’t want the real answer: he’s too busy babbling about Koch Brothers conspiracy theories to make me believe that he would. He just wants somebody to validate his existence by linking to him and laughing – because, you know, this shows that somebody cares – and I’m cruising off of a good mood this morning because the French toast I made was spot-on. Cast iron and butter, and real maple syrup (because I can learn from my mistakes) to complement… where was I?

Yes, anyway, I’m not feeling particularly sadistic right now, so why not give this guy what he wants?

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  1. Few people today appreciate the wonder that is a well seasoned cast iron frying pan.

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