#rsrh Carole Shea-Porter running again.

Because God loves me and wishes for me to be happy, that’s why.  He knew that I was so busy going after all the other Democrats on my private list that I did not have the chance to give her shellacking – and 42% of the vote for an incumbent qualifies as ‘shellacking;’ so He, in His infinite benevolence, has given me a second bit at that particular apple.

Seriously, this is going to be a blast.  I cannot wait to hear how a rabid antiwar candidate justifies President Barack Obama’s neocon-driven war for oil in Libya.  I simply cannot wait.  I don’t know which will be more fun: the grudging words of praise, spit out like so many ashes; or the bitter eyes as Shea-Porter watches herself slowly strangle her own self-respect* for the sake of a seat in Congress…

Moe Lane

*Futilely, of course.

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