The problem of unsecured Wi-Fi.

While I agree with Instapundit that the point of this story should be as much “Cops should be more damned careful about accusing people of being child molesters” as it is “People should consider the implications of offering up unsecured Wi-Fi connections,” I’m forced to admit that the following:

In Germany, the country’s top criminal court ruled last year that Internet users must secure their wireless connections to prevent others from illegally downloading data. The court said Internet users could be fined up to $126 if a third party takes advantage of their unprotected line, though it stopped short of holding the users responsible for illegal content downloaded by the third party.

…doesn’t really upset me all that much. God forgive me, but 126 bucks sounds like it’s about the right amount of a natural-born damned fool fine to impose on people who don’t pay attention to felons borrowing their Internet connection.

Yes, I’m getting old.

Moe Lane

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