New anti-Jewish flotilla planning to run Gaza blockade.

Sorry, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t recognize the essentially anti-Semitic nature of the anti-Israel movement.  And neither am I going to pretend that I take said movement’s agitprop seriously, either.  The flotilla that got intercepted last year while trying to break the Gaza blockade was providing materials to build bunkers and fortifications for Hamas, which is of course a terrorist organization dedicated to killing every Jew in the world. That’s why the Israelis intercepted the flotilla.  Some of the idiots on the flotilla resisted, and some of the aforementioned idiots got killed. And now the Hamas-lovers are going to try to break the Gaza blockade again… and the Israelis will intercept them again; only this time I would suggest that the IDF not bother with paintball guns first.

Yes.  Paintball guns.  Hearing that, you’d almost think that the IDF has the same regard for human life as civilized people.  But that’s surely impossible, of course: and if you don’t believe me, just ask the antiwar movement.  Once you start them up, one of them can go on for hours about the perfidious Jews Israelis…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: I do not find it entertaining to discover that the AP neglects to mention that flotilla spokesman Huseyin Oruc is a member of IHH, which is a Turkish group that a). bankrolled the last flotilla and b). has links with both Hamas and al-Qaeda.  Then again, neither do I find it surprising that the AP neglected to mention this, either.

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  1. On a purely selfish level, I’m glad to see their departure date is after I return from my first trip to Europe — which ends in Istanbul.

  2. My father was Greek. He always called the city Constantinople, the song be damned.

  3. Few people seem to know that TMBG actually covered Istanbul (not Constantinople), they didn’t write it. But they’re the ones that are known for it, just like Jimi Hendrix and All Along The Watchtower, Janis Joplin and Me and Bobby McGee, and Manfred Mann and Blinded By The Light.

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