#rsrh Oh, dear. al-Qaeda is UPSET.

This rather whiny complaint by al-Qaeda that we aren’t playing fair with the fantasy ideologist scumbags reminds me of an exchange that I’ve seen in a number of books, movies, and whatnot:

Person 1: If you’re such a great fighter, why don’t you fight me?

Person 2: If you’re such a great fighter, why don’t you make me?

Or, put another way: I find it very easy to bear up under the disapproval of people who think that piloting a bomb into a civilian location is a valid military tactic.  Particularly when the disapproval is specifically about how we’re killing them anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: A point of order: there are those – largely on the Left, of course, although there are some on the Right – who seem to think that it is somehow an act of courage to commit suicide via improvised explosives.  I suspect that this is due to the relatively larger percentage of atheists/agnostics on the Left; if you’re the sort who genuinely does not belief in any sort of afterlife than it might seem courageous to prematurely end your life, at that.  But if you’re the sort of person who genuinely believes that your god will reward you with eternal pleasures if you detonate a suicide vest in a pizzeria… well, it’ll be over quick, right?

It’s the eternal problem: thinking that other people think like you do, and have the same prejudices, drives, and fundamental opinions.  Not that the Right isn’t guilty of this too, on occasion…

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