Jack Davis (FAKE CAND, NY-26) cuts and runs from debates.

He’s officially decided to not do any debates with the official Democratic candidate (and actual Republican/Conservative candidate Jane Corwin).  The ostensible reason is because – wait for it, wait for it! – Davis is claiming his opponents are liars who won’t play fair.  Given Davis’s likely status as a stalking horse for the Democratic party, such a comment would normally score chutzpah points with me.  It doesn’t in this case, because I can’t abide cowards running for office; but objectively speaking there’s something almost entertaining about this particular case of projection.  Particularly the ‘electronic town hall’ bit, which worked so well for his fellow Democratic cowards in 2010.  What’s the definition of insanity, again?

And if you think that I’m being mean-spirited, check out Freedomworks; they’re laying into Davis with all the fury of a successful grassroots organization that sweated blood last year getting real conservatives and Tea Partiers elected.  I quote Matt Kibbe:

“The voters in New York’s 26th Congressional District have a serious decision to make concerning who will represent them in the House of Representatives. Out of respect for this decision, the candidates have a responsibility to be honest about their positions on the issues. Considering Jack Davis’ leftist resume, his candidacy as a ‘tea party’ candidate is either a sad attempt to raise his own personal political profile or an underhanded strategy to hand the seat to the Democrat contender. Either way, it’s a slap in the face to New York 26 voters and the larger tea party movement and FreedomWorks PAC will ensure that this message is delivered throughout the district in advance of the May 24th special election.”

I guess that they’re not really all that enthused about an Obama– and Charlie Rangel-supporter trying to leech off of their successes. I mean, sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that; but imitation by one’s enemies, in order to reverse your successes… well, let’s just say that some forms of flattery are less welcome than others.

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One thought on “Jack Davis (FAKE CAND, NY-26) cuts and runs from debates.”

  1. The local 11pm news reported tonight that David Bellavia endorsed Davis (?!??), and strongly implied that Corwin’s people set up an ambush on Davis in which the local news cameras were supposed to catch him smacking a reporter for asking why he dropped out of the debates.

    This sucks. Davis is a Dem, and the so-called TEA Party Coalition that endorsed him consists of two malcontents that the rest of the people in the movement in WNY walked away from the day after election day because they did more carping about conspiracies against them than about TEA Party business.

    OTOH, an ex-county legislator who resigned two years ago was recently arrested on a drug sweep… today they added embezzlement of govt cash while he was in office to the charges. This is good because his name is Davis. He’s absolutely no relation… but most people only read headlines.

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