Saw Thor in 3D. Thumb’s-up.

Oh, the sticker shock of the movie in 3D was considerable – but what the heck, I got out of the house for a couple of hours.  It’s one of those movies that takes full advantage of the fact that you probably know the basic details about the character already; the character arc probably would have been better suited for a television miniseries, but they got away with it.

Loki was suitably complex in his motivations.

The 3D was not obtrusive.

Go ahead and see this one: I liked it.  Not as good as Iron Man, but about as good as Iron Man 2.  And I liked Iron Man 2.

One thought on “Saw Thor in 3D. Thumb’s-up.”

  1. The sticker shock did cause me to blanch as well, but it was worth it in the end. Also, I thought they did an excellent job with Loki’s character. It is possible, however, that I simply have a natural affinity for dark-haired beta males. Wonder why that is? 😉

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