#rsrh Jon Stewart on #Weinergate.

Via Instapundit, Jon Stewart’s tiptoe through the minefield that is Weinergate.

Contra (somewhat) JammieWearingFool, I’m not really upset that Stewart went with his, um, ‘helpful’ defense re the size of Weiner’s… genitalia: Jon Stewart and Anthony Weiner are friends, they’ve been friends since college, and Jon Stewart pretty explicitly called people’s attention to this before talking about it (not quite hanging a lampshade, but close). Also, what’s making Stewart really mad is that the blogs are the ones doing the research that the media didn’t; speaking as somebody who crafted one of the arrows that got shot at Weiner, I’m gratified that somebody else noticed.

So, where does it go from here?

Depends, really. You have to understand, in a lot of ways anything that happens now is kind of gravy for the VRWC. Rep. Weiner is doing pretty much what we want him to do right now: which is to say, act in a fashion that the American public more or less associates with ‘secretly guilty as sin.’ And every time he tries to change the subject, he discredits not only himself a little more, but also the subject that he’s trying to bring up instead. All of this is useful, particularly since nobody’s going to be taking this guy quite as seriously as they did a week ago for… well, pretty much the rest of Weiner’s life.

That’s the short term: in the long term Weiner will not be the next mayor of NYC, because you don’t get to be mayor of NYC if you (allegedly) send coeds half your age pictures of your junk. It’s like a rule. Also in the long term; Andrew Breitbart has once again demonstrated that it doesn’t matter what epithets they scream at you, as long as you can get the story out the way that you want to get it out. If the Left’s goal here was to keep the media from jumping on the NEXT breaking story from one of Andrew’s Big websites… well, I believe that the with-malice-aforethought phrase to use here is ‘miserable failure.’

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