#rsrh A friendly message to Republican campaign operatives.

Do not give tell-all exposes to the Daily Beast (safe link) about imploding campaigns*, please: the Daily Beast hates Republicans, and wishes us all to die in fires.  Even if they did not, we will have quite enough on our plate in the 2012 election without having to worry about tattle-tales, and right now all those indiscreet staffers have done is potentially make Governor Rick Perry look bad, assuming he runs and assuming he hires them en masse.  Which I am more or less thinking that he shouldn’t, unless he can work out which person among Gingrich’s staff went crying to the Left.  So the rest of all y’all should try to remember that you’re professionals, and act accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your compliance in this matter.

Moe Lane

Via AoSHQ Headlines.

*Even Newt Gingrich’s.  Even though I could care less whether he’s running or not.  It’s the principle of the thing.

One thought on “#rsrh A friendly message to Republican campaign operatives.”

  1. They only throw Gingrich under the bus because they saw it work against THAT WOMAN.

    Or, at least they think it works.

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