Budget kabuki in California.

Let me sum up the situation: Democratic Governor Jerry Brown of California vetoed a garbage budget that the Democratic controlled-legislature of California hastily passed under a deadline so as to not lose any of their paychecks (there was an initiative passed that makes that the penalty for not passing a budget).  The Governor instead wants his garbage budget passed, complete with ‘temporary’ tax hikes, but would rather blame Republican legislators for insisting on getting ‘spending caps and pension reform’ in return for the tax hikes than in, say, actually instituting spending caps and pension reform.  And the aforementioned penalty for a late budget?  Turns out that there’s a loophole: the legislature just had to pass something, so they’re going to end up keeping their salaries.  Just you watch.

In other words, welcome to California.  Here’s your accordion!

Moe Lane

(Via AoSHQ Headlines)

3 thoughts on “Budget kabuki in California.”

  1. Ehh, I don’t blame you for being nasty to Jerry Brown, but I think there’s more to it.

    Brown’s tax-hike proposal would have been Constitutional. The one passed by the legislative dems by bare majority vote was not, as I covered at RS.

    I think Brown actually wants to have a non-negative legacy this time, and passing a budget which would have the bottom ripped out from it when the taxes were tossed out in court, would be a very bad legacy of a massive deficit.

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