Aw. John Tierney’s (D, MA-06) wife can’t go to a party!

Because of that pesky GPS bracelet on her calf.  Those big meanies in Massachusetts, making her stay under the indignity of house arrest for one, itty-bitty conviction of “iding and abetting the filing of false tax returns by her brother, Robert Eremian, a fugitive from federal charges of racketeering, illegal gambling, money laundering and witness tampering.”  I mean, she served a whole month of jail time for that!  What do they want, blood?

Yeah, I’ve written about this stituation before – also note here, where one of the district’s own papers is begging that the Massachusetts legislature end its agony and eliminate the district – and I’ll repeat: this is what happens when you have what is effectively an one-party state*.  Patrice Tierney got one month of jail time and two years’ worth of ‘supervised release:’ whether or not you think that was a reasonable punishment or not, it’s certainly an indication that it’s recognized that she did something wrong.  To invite her to a Democratic fundraiser anyway is not a ‘formality:’ it’s a confession that the people doing the invitation don’t agree that Tierney did something wrong.

Just saying.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: And how is Massachusetts redistricting coming along, anyway?  …Painfully.

*This problem is, by the way, not something that can only happen to Democrats.  Much as it might make Republicans bristle to hear it, but we’re better served if we have a viable opposition party that can actually make us work to keep our seats.  Keeps the deadwood to a minimum and avoids complacency on our parts.  None of which means that we should encourage the superannuated ‘New’ Left that has been busily rotting out the Democratic party from within since Vietnam, of course…

3 thoughts on “Aw. John Tierney’s (D, MA-06) wife can’t go to a party!”

  1. Hey, the competition for votes and the eagle-eye for corruption doesn’t have to come from the left.

  2. One party states only arise when the people of that state consistently vote for…one party. The people of Mass deserve what they get. They will continue to get it until they change their voting behavior. That is how reality works, even in Mass.

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