Kill all the Canada geese you want, @annalthouse.

Heck, up there they’re probably full of fat and grease and all those good things; you can get some good eating off of them before they swoop down to the Eastern seaboard and make themselves at home and us miserable.  You have poor people up there, right?  Well, shoot more geese then and feed those people.  And it’ll only be easier, what with the recent civil rights victory in Wisconsin

What?  Oh, sorry: Ann was demonstrating a laudably bloodthirsty attitude towards slaughtering entire flocks of Canada geese, and I was encouraging her.  Shoot ’em, pluck ’em, gut ’em, roast ’em on fires right there in the park and go get some fresh corn.  I don’t know what wine goes with firepit Canada goose, though: whatever it is, it should complement PETA tears*…

Moe Lane

*I am from New Jersey.  We HATE Canada geese.  I’m not exactly sure why – well, more accurately I don’t know why we’re so irrational about it.

5 thoughts on “Kill all the Canada geese you want, @annalthouse.”

  1. Because they are nasty, evil, ill-tempered little bullies that the Government doesn’t want us to shoot on sight for some odd reason? (I assume it’s the old stray bullet reason.)

  2. “Canadian geese are beautiful creatures who deserve to” be shot, cleaned, stuffed and hung on my wall. I have had dealings with the black and white bastard birds. I will add to what Catseye says by pointing out that they are also filthy and stupid.

  3. You will know why we hate geese when your kids start playing sports and having to clean off stains from the gifts that the geese have left.

  4. Lucky for me the local swans seem to hate the buggers or something does because they don’t infest the local lake like they do in other areas. But there is a Great Horned Owl in the area or some other really big night-flying bird. It took out the electronic and wooden owl I’m using to scare the squirrels and chipmunks away. But I think it’s the swans they’re big and mean and don’t like their young being threatened.

  5. Because they are nasty creatures who like the same territory we do: lake shores and clean lawns. Only the dang geese cr&p all over,making it impossible to walk barefoot anywhere the dang things hang out.

    Swans are just giant geese. Thankfully, swans are pretty.

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