#rsrh Bias Watch: “Bias Watch: The Palin Emails.”

…I was going to try for the same pseudo-legal blather that Eric Wimple was using to try to pooh-pooh the idea that the Washington Post really needed to get its readership to paw through Sarah Palin’s emails, but fortunately I realized that all I actually wanted to say was “Eric Wimple is being a schmuck here.”


Eric Wimple is being a schmuck here.

Yeah, that’s a lot more straightforward.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: One quick note. The problem with the aforementioned schmuck writing this excuse for a lack of crowd-sourcing Obamacare:

As to the complainant’s contention that a crowdsourcing operation might well have targeted the Obama health-care plan, it is unclear just how urgent such a deployment would have been. Two-thousand pages, while a large array of material, constitute a workload well within reach of a newsroom of several hundred FTEs.


4 thoughts on “#rsrh Bias Watch: “Bias Watch: The Palin Emails.””

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had, in fact, tasked people with going through Obamacare — looking for anything a diabolical right-winger might have snuck through, like limitations on abortion or language forbidding the collection of firearm ownership data under the guise of medical research.

  2. Fact is, we’re STILL “finding out what’s in it”.(thank you Nancy) Such as the recent discovery that millions of middle class individuals will be dumped into Medicare.

  3. 2,000 pages of legislation vs 24,000 e-mails? Might actually be fewer total words in the e-mails, and they were certainly much easier to read.

  4. The pathetic fact being – THEY DID NOT FIND ANYTHING IN BOTH CASES. Several hundred FTE’s are incredibly stupid considering the fact that we on the VRWC side of the aisle did find tons with the Obamacare. And even their crowd sourcing was a huge failure.

    Schmucks indeed.

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