#rsrh Friends don’t let friends invoke Reagan badly.

Gotta love* these kids and their crazy Reagan talk.  It’s the usual classic cargo-cult thinking, coupled with an equally-classic why-won’t-these-conservatives-in-real-life-act-like-the-conservatives-living-in-my-head?  For the slow of brain (which is to say, the online progressive movement), let me deign to explain why invoking the Gipper should only be done by experts.

  1. Obama is no Reagan.  We know this because Reagan was competent, while Obama had difficulty getting his signature job- and economy-killing legislation passed in a Congress with a partisan breakdown that would have made Reagan green with envy.
  2. It’s not actually magic, what Reagan did.  The American economy is not amenable to someone casting a spell on it; also, the economy of thirty years ago is not the economy of today.  In other words, tell me what Reagan would do today, not what Reagan did then.  Of course, that answer is not something that the Left would like.
  3. The Online Left hates us, hated Reagan, and wished that we all had died in a fire. Self-explanatory, really.

Just putting that on the record, like.

Moe Lane

*Well… no, not really.

One thought on “#rsrh Friends don’t let friends invoke Reagan badly.”

  1. The one that’s even funnier is the “Abe Lincoln was a RINO according to you guys!!1!” meme sone clowns are trying on today.
    You mean the Abe Lincoln who led the newly-formed, 3rd Party Republicans… because the Whigs wanted to compromise on issues he thought were important? Or the one who led his nation into its most destructive war and refused repeated peace settlements… because he refused to betray his ideals?

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