Today’s Happy Monkey Public Service Announcement.

Please remember: this is not a happy monkey.

This is a monkey that is debating whether or n0t to savagely bite you.  Generally speaking, the answer defaults to ‘yes.’  Monkeys are not particularly introspective when it comes to biting things.

This is a happy monkey:

…you can tell that by the details that teeth are not visible; and the hand is full of a stolen camera, instead of, say, monkey feces.

More from The Guardian; essentially, a photographer left his camera where a bunch of crested black macaques could get at it, and the monkeys took the opportunity to take some pictures.  Fairly good pictures, all things considered (I understand that the photographer did some adjusting for angle and whatnot).

That’s a great photo, by the way.  Damned if I know who owns the rights to it, though.

Moe Lane

PS: I got nothing against monkeys, by the way.  The first photo represents a natural enough reaction to a weird thing that stinks of humans and… alien smells… and makes strange noises when you prod it.  But not enough people out there understand that When you can see the teeth, Mr. Monkey Is Not Your Friend.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Happy Monkey Public Service Announcement.”

  1. Who let House Republican leadership have a camera??? Consequently, when they smile, they are also not your friend.

  2. “When you can see the teeth, Mr. Monkey Is Not Your Friend.”

    Thank you! Too many people don’t get this, which is why I always stand well away from the ape/monkey enclosures at the zoo when everyone’s pointing at the “happy monkeys.” I am not insane.

    These are adorable pictures, though. What a great idea. I think the photog is lucky they didn’t smash the camera, though! Hasn’t he ever seen “2001: A Space Odyssey?”

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