5 thoughts on “John Carter trailer.”

  1. Dammit now I may actually have to go and watch a movie in a Theater again. Do you know how much that costs?

  2. It sucks.

    I haven’t even played the clip, just looked at the static frame, and there’s already more clothing visible than is used by the entire population of Mars.


  3. My impression:


    1) What is the deal with Burroughs’ uncle dying at the beginning? It puts me in the mind of that “World as myth” baloney that Heinlein was so fond of in his later books (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_as_Myth).


    2) The rest of it seems like generic “outsider becomes savior of dying world” plot + over-reliance on SFX to carry movie with a weak plot that I’ve seen too many times already.


    3) The use of “My Body is a Cage” seems like a real downer, and particularly surprising in a Disney-branded movie.


    I’ve never been a fan of ERB’s stuff, so maybe this just isn’t targeted at me. But my first impression is that this is not a movie to rush out to see opening weekend…

  4. With the exception of Ric’s point about too much clothing (but there’s no real way around that), it looks pretty good.

    Just Dave, John Carter is reported dead to Burroughs on the first page or two of Princess of Mars. Dunno why that wouldn’t or shouldn’t happen in the movie, too. Frankly, it’s absolutely integral to the plot. And yes, “outsider saves the world” is the plot – but have a little charity. It wasn’t quite as generic when Burroughs first published it in 1917.

  5. Just as a side note John Carter has always showed up in my life only during the darkest of times, that’s personal but non-the-less true and he’s showing up now. I expected no less.

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