#rsrh Reading Paul Krugman so that you…

…don’t have to.

Anyway, in the process of watching Paul Krugman skirt as close of the edge of racism – i.e., recognizing objective reality about our current President – as he dares, the fellow exudes this sentence:

The 2008 race was looking close until Sarah Palin and Lehman came along.

Dude.  That’s not even wrong.  I mean, I was there for 2008: the race only started looking close when Sarah Palin came along.  It took the American economy melting down – and John McCain’s in-retrospect stupid response to it* – to put it away for President Obama, sure… but Sarah Palin was the only thing that gave that campaign any internal energy at all.  This should have been well known, even to those associated with the New York Times: I can only conclude that Krugman has somewhat, ah, peculiar requirements for maintaining a particular narrative.

I mean, seriously.  Jeebus, Krugman, order a wig and fake glasses for your wife like every other liberal male of your social class and proclivities, already.  This was hardly dignified of you.

Moe Lane

*IIRC, at the time I thought that his was brilliant.  Well, that’s how you learn.

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