#rsrh @ochocinco discovers the Right’s secret recruitment weapon.

Which is, of course, the Online Left.  The short version: NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco innocently tweeted the fact that he had grabbed Glenn Beck’s new book Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure, presumably to read on a flight.  As the Blaze link shows, some of Ochocinco’s fans aren’t all that happy about it.  Which doesn’t seem to have stopped Ochocinco from reading the book.

I note this not because it’s significant now, but because it might be interesting later.  Judging from the guy’s Twitter feed, Ochocinco seems like the kind of person who isn’t shy about expressing his opinions; and right now it looks like all the shouting is just encouraging Ochocinco to finish the book (which he is reasonably enough finding interesting, even if he doesn’t actually agree with all of it).  Assuming that he likes Beck’s book, or even finds it interesting, Ochocinco may talk about this later in a more public forum*, and in the process probably say something about Glenn Beck that will not be semantically equivalent to “Glenn Beck is the spawn of Satan.”

That’s when the fun will really start.

Moe Lane

PS: On the off chance that any random NFL wide receivers ever happen to read this post: not that they need the money, but if you’re going to recommend a particular type of, say, lens cap on your Twitter then there’s some money to be made in the Amazon front.  See this link?  Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens for Canon SLR Cameras Somebody reads the tweet, figures that Chad Ochocinco has the money and background experience** to be a reliable source about cameras, buys the lens… that’s thirty-two to fifty-five bucks*** right there, and everybody’s happy.  The referrer gets the money, the company gets the sale, the buyer gets the camera lens.

Just saying.

*In other words, on TV.

**Actually, professional football players are around photographers on a constant basis; it’s extremely reasonable to assume that a NFL player with an interest in cameras would end up with a good deal of practical knowledge on the subject, fairly quickly.

***Unless you live in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Illinois, & North Carolina, of course (with New York likely to follow, assuming that the court case goes against Amazon).  Democrats in those states decided to eliminate valuable income tax revenue in order to… well, we’re not exactly sure why they did it: clearly, the ostensible purpose of gathering more sales tax from online purchases didn’t work. (Full disclosure: I am an Amazon.com affiliate for Maryland)

10 thoughts on “#rsrh @ochocinco discovers the Right’s secret recruitment weapon.”

  1. ‘Democrats in those states decided to eliminate valuable income tax revenue in order to… well, we’re not exactly sure why they did it”

    Because they are Democrats. Duh.

  2. As a somewhat serious answer to the question of ‘why they did it’, I read a fairly interesting book awhile back, ‘A Farewell to Alms’ by Gregory Clark, which attempts to explain why so many societies get stuck in poverty. I don’t 100% buy his conclusions, but he brought up several studies which indicated that the general happiness of most people depends not on their absolute wealth, but rather in their relative wealth in their peer group.

    I think this explains why socialism won’t die – even though the net result of socialism is a negative-sum game, resulting in a lower standard of living for everyone, when everyone’s about the same level of dirt-poor people are, on average, happier. I’m really not sure how to counteract that.

  3. Seriously, though. Glenn just throws up the links. You seem more sheepish about adding the link for profit — and somewhat apologetic. Don’t be. I read your blog. This means that on some level I root for you to become the successful blogger you probably aspire to be.

    So Don’t be annoying.

    I bought an external hard drive last week after seeing a totally non-cloying link on Instrapundit. I was happy that I was shitting his tip jar at the same time. I was REALLY happy that he didn’t beg me to do it.

    Just my .02, because I accept the possibility that it might just be me.

    1. Walp, NSBS, the problem is twofold: first, by my standards I’m already a successful blogger (via RedState); second, the money’s just going to feed my gaming/book habit. There’s hella more people out there on the right-sphere who could use the cash. It’s hard not to feel sheepish, sometimes*.

      *Particularly since my last pledge drive ended up with me picking up an expensive tablet that is apparently excellent for watching Netflix, and damn-all else. And everybody at Apple shrugs.

  4. And it’s not bad for old-school RPGs – currently playing my way through Avadon on mine. Which is kinda pricy as ipad games go, but cheaper than the same game on PC or MAC.

  5. Gotcha. And fair enough. I assumed that with your increased interest in advertising you might be looking to go pro….

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