#rsrh Maine SoS to investigate voter fraud.

Hey, guess what? Elections matter!

A voter fraud investigation triggered by allegations made earlier this week by the head of the state Republican Party will be combined with an inquiry also looking at identity fraud, Maine’s top elections official announced Thursday.

Secretary of State Charlie Summers Jr. also said he’s asked the state attorney general to work with his office in the investigation.

The voter fraud investigation began following allegations Monday by state GOP Chairman Charles Webster, who said he’d uncovered more than 200 cases of possible election fraud and asked that his information be reviewed by Summers’ office. The 206 cases cited by Webster focused on nonresident students in the state university system who had also registered to vote in Maine last year.

Oopsie.¬† Needless to say, Charlie Summers is a Republican who took office following last year’s sweep of the state; his predecessor Matt Dunlap (Democrat) is right now trying to distance himself from allegations that the SoS office under Dunlap’s tenure buried accusations of election registration shenanigans.¬† There’s also a voter initiative going on in Maine right now to try to re-institute¬†emergency election fraud same-day voter registration; but I can’t imagine why that would be relevant to this conversation, really.

Again: elections matter, folks.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Maine SoS to investigate voter fraud.”

  1. Voter fraud is listed as a “Class C crime” in Maine. Wonder if any young college students who knowingly committed fraud would ever get punished.

  2. They won’t, since it will be hard to prove they knowingly committed fraud – just what the local Democratic party counted on.

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