#RSRH On not blogging angry.

I’m deleting the first version of this, because it was a very ticked-off and extremely snide examination of certain governmental idiocies and the certainly idiotic government officials that decreed them.  Seriously: after a certain point, muttering I told you that this was going to happen, dummies doesn’t actually help anybody, including yourself.

So… time for the intervention YouTube again.  Hope this helps.

6 thoughts on “#RSRH On not blogging angry.”

  1. Moe I’ve always been good at seeing when things are going to go bad and being somewhere else. I’ve tried to warn people of incipient disasters that I saw coming over the years. I’ve learned that the Greek story of Cassandra isn’t a Myth it’s a Prophecy. You can’t save people from their own poor choices. You can only try to be somewhere else when they happen. It is sad but it is never the less true.

  2. Stick with the hate, Moe. It’s time those who’ve been controlling the media for decades to finally feel it.

    And it feeeeeelsssss goooooood.

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