#rsrh Pawlenty for MN-SEN?

The word is that the Minnesota Republican party is going to approach Tim Pawlenty to challenge freshman Democrat Amy Klobuchar; which is something that Ed Morrissey of Hot Air and Erick Erickson of RedState would likely get behind.  And myself, for that matter; like Erick, I respect that Pawlenty knew when to make a clean break of things.  And I think that I am correct in thinking that Ed & Erick would agree with me that replacing Klobuchar – who, after all, supported the ‘stimulus,’ cap-and-trade*, & Obamacare – with Pawlenty would be a definite step up for both Minnesota and the nation.  I mean, I hear that Klobuchar is supposed to be personable and everything, but since when did that become an adequate substitute for voting not-stupidly?

I also note with some interest that Tim Pawlenty’s site is not yet reflecting the change in his campaign’s status; for that matter, there’s been no rumors on what’s happening to Pawlenty’s staff.  Neither is precisely predictive of everything, but there are some heavy hitters in the political world working for Pawlenty.  You’d expect to hear more about what they were planning to do, even this early.

Moe Lane

*And unlike Pawlenty, Klobuchar declines to learn better.

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  1. Saying a Congressional Democrat is “personable” means they don’t spit on the Republicans on purpose.

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