#rsrh Good news: TX CCW licenses most up among AA women.

Very good news.  As the saying goes: God made man: Sam Colt made them equal. Which goes double for minorities and women, frankly.

Besides, if you’re in a state with a responsible Carry Concealed Weapon program – and they more or less all have to be; there are a lot of predatory gun-grabber lawyers out there – then you’re going to walk out of one of those programs with a pretty clear understanding of what a gun is, what it can do – and, more importantly, what it cannot do.  Put another way: how do I feel about encountering a black woman with a gun and a CCW permit?


Moe Lane

(Via Instapundit.)

One thought on “#rsrh Good news: TX CCW licenses most up among AA women.”

  1. Makes sense to me. I feel safer in a room with armed folks that have CCW permits than a room full of gun grabbers.

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