#rsrh Mitt Romney lets his inner Bruce Campbell out.

Frankly, it’s not a bad persona for him:

I mean, people like Bruce Campbell. They’re happy to see him get a part in a movie; he’s sort of like the John Carradine of our generation* in that regard. Also, Bruce comes across as a decent fellow, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously… which would be a real relief to see in more politicians. Seriously (almost); if Mitt Romney can get himself to the point where he could pull off something like this…

…then we’ll be having a race, here.

Moe Lane

PS: As a practical observation: that woman ‘asking’ the ‘question’ made the classic mistake: if you’re trying to trip up a candidate with a ‘gotcha’ question, pick one that he or she can’t actually ‘answer’ with enough blather. Also: contrary to various partisan belief systems, most high-ranking politicians actually do have triple-digit IQs, and may even be smarter than you are. Shocking, I know.

*You’re welcome, Bruce.