The Left: still quite unhinged about Dick Cheney.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney…

You probably remember him.

…anyway, Darth Cheney has a book out today (“In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir“): and the Left is acting – about as you’d expect, honestly (note that I’m including in that list a bunch of people who are still trying to pretend that they’re not on the Left).  The shrieking is highly amusing, not least for the reason that most of the poor schmucks doing it are fairly transparently trying to avoid thinking about the fact that the current administration is more or less doing a Cargo Cult imitation of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rice’s foreign policy.  Which is to say, if you look at it from a distance and squint then it kind of looks like the previous administration’s foreign policy… but get up close and you realize that it’s all bamboo and palm fronds where steel should be.  Not to mention all the people standing around and scratching their heads over why the magic spells weren’t working.

Then again, that’s an improvement over our 2008 expectations with regard to this administration.

At any rate, the book’s out today, and it promises to cause just as many hysteria-based aneurysms as Donald Rumsfeld‘s Known and Unknown: A Memoir did.  So, you may want to check it out for that alone.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

10 thoughts on “The Left: still quite unhinged about Dick Cheney.”

  1. Did you read a book on cargo cults recently or something? The term pops up a lot in your posts…

  2. I think its frequency is due to the frequency with which the term explains the present administration’s policies. Look at their education policy: people with college degrees earn more than those without, so we’ll make sure everyone gets a college degree. Pure cargo-cultism, where the symbols of something (the degree) are substituted for the actual effort (the course of study).

  3. I love that poster. I really need to print a copy and put it up at work, just to watch lefty co-workers’ heads explode. 🙂

  4. Y’know, that post title could have a period and nothing else after the first “d”. Of course it wouldn’t be very specific that way.


  5. Reminds me, I need to buy the new Dream Park sequel as soon as the kindle price drops to reasonable.

  6. Hah. I said to myself “Self, how much you wanna bet that [expletive deleted] Doug Mataconis is on the list being linked?” And sure enough, there he is. What do I win?

  7. Spot on, Moe. But I’d put a sharper point on it: Obama kept almost all of the stuff that the left had declared would quickly lead to the end of days. I think the right is actually UNDERestimating how upset the left is about this. Far left enthusiasm for Obama is near zero.

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