#rsrh John Boehner teaches Barack Obama a valuable life lesson.

Do Not F*ck With The Speaker Of The House.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday agreed to unveil new jobs proposals in an address to Congress on September 8, bowing to pressure from Republicans, who objected to the original date set for his high-profile speech.

Obama’s long-awaited proposals could set the agenda in Washington for the coming months, but his preferred date of September 7 had an unpalatable political edge for the opposition party: Republican presidential candidates were scheduled to hold a televised debate on the same evening, at the same time.

Background here and here: and may I say that there is nothing quite so entertaining as watching one’s political opponents make such a rookie error as this? – Because this was a rookie error.  It’s all right for the netroots (and other political ignoramuses) to not understand that the Speaker of the House is someone that you don’t try to embarrass or cross without a very good reason… but surely there are enough grownups in the White House who get that the Speaker is somebody that always needs to be treated politely?  Particularly when the Speaker is of the opposition party*?


Moe Lane

*Doubly particularly when the Speaker of the House was put there pretty explicitly by the American people in order to keep you from going too gonzo.

18 thoughts on “#rsrh John Boehner teaches Barack Obama a valuable life lesson.”

  1. You over estimate them Moe. After all, they’re all Geniuses don’t you know. I wonder what will happen when they realize the Boss will be going up against a Football Game(Packers vs. Saints, I believe). Look for a second reschedule. Poseurs always lose.

  2. “So, Johnny, what do you make of this?” [hands him Obama’s speech schedule]

    “This? I can make a hat, or a brooch, or a pterodactyl…”

  3. “Well,first the earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat and died and turned in to oil, then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes…”

  4. Or maybe the Secret Service. I don’t expect anything beyond third grade playground level maturity from the guys running the country.

  5. I don’t think the Secret Service can save the President from himself. However they are ready to take a bullet for him so Joe Biden doesn’t become President.

  6. In passing, didn’t catch the live show, so watched excerpts of the Carney press conference. Why does this guy think he’s Jon Stewart? Obviously, a not-funny, unintelligent version, without the advantage of clown nose on/off option. Comparing GOP debates to wildlife/cooking channels makes me want to smack him, and I’m a girl! Second thought, fair fight.

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