#rsrh MA-SEN: The Two Warren Whos.

Howie Carr of the Boston Herald had entirely too much fun with this piece discussing two Democratic potential sacrificial lambs candidates for Senate potential sacrificial lambs next year.  They are who I have dubbed the ‘Warren Whos:’ the battered, never-got-to-be-Consumer-Finance-Protection-Board Chair Elizabeth Warren and Newton, MA Mayor Setti Warren*. They are, of course, hoping to somehow unseat current Republican Scott Brown… and let’s just get this out of the way: yes, he’s not nearly conservative enough a Republican for… well, pretty much almost any state besides Massachusetts, these days.  But Scott Brown is in Massachusetts, and he does have the elementary good sense to not require conservatives to officially remember that he’s there.  I sincerely doubt that he’ll have an expensive primary, and Scott Brown will reportedly have a fat war chest for the general.  I suppose that what I’m saying is, don’t expect the GOP to shiv this guy in the back if we don’t absolutely have to… and ‘GOP internecine warfare’ is probably one of the hidden assumptions in any Democratic plan to retake this MA-SEN seat.

Anyway, a taste of what I mean by ‘fun,’ from Howie:

Elizabeth Warren or Setti Warren (no relation)? A Harvard law school professor and Obama appointee or a guy whose first name is Setti, which means a pablum-puking limousine liberal can’t pretend he mistakenly voted against Setti because he thought he was just another white male, which no self-respecting moonbat would do, unless of course he’s gay.

Howie goes on to note that Mayor Warren’s ‘qualifications’ – local guy, BC graduate, life-long MA native, Iraq War veteran – will have absolutely zero traction with MA progressives, who by all accounts much prefer the (largely self-) martyred Harvard Law professor with no electoral experience… and, apparently, not enough governmental experience to successfully navigate through the nomination process.  Which is frankly fine by me: while I cannot hope to expect that the Democrats can actually go out and find a candidate as catastrophically unsuited for campaigning as Martha Coakley was, Elizabeth Warren will make for an acceptable substitute.  Particularly since there’s every chance that progressives will throw money at this race with wild abandon…

Moe Lane

*Happens to be black.