Karma, Ron Suskind, loyalty, and Obama.

Michiko Kakutani asks the question “Why have so many people in the Obama administration vented to Mr. Suskind in the first place, when the president was only partway through his first term?“: contra Ann Althouse, I think that the answer is fairly simple.  This administration, unlike the last one, has no reputation for loyalty flowing down from the top to the bottom.  That more or less means that there will not be much loyalty flowing from the bottom to the top, either.

Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner.

Moe Lane

PS: Sorry to bring this Suskind schmuck up again: but – judging from my hate mail – his book is apparently really torquing off the netroots.  Mind you, if you (accurately) point out that the President’s a male chauvinist pig then it’s probably not too surprising that his rapidly-shrinking rabid fan base might get, well, perturbed