#rsrh Donald Rumsfeld ignores yet another antiwar protester. #p2

I love these stories: even through the third-person prose of the news article you can get a taste of the baffled anger and hate that rolls off of these people like a physical funk*.  This wasn’t what they signed up for, you understand.  The antiwar freaks were promised that their desires would be fulfilled.  They were told that they would see Bush administration officials in jail… and now they can’t even do citizen arrests.  They get arrested!  While THAT MAN walks past them as if they weren’t even there!  Like the antiwar movement doesn’t even matter!

Which it doesn’t, of course.

Hey, line of the day:

Police said one protester was arrested outside for assaulting a cop with a bullhorn.

I really hope that just meant that the cop was yelled at through the bullhorn.  Actual swinging at a police officer seems a bit… confrontational.  Well, maybe the cop wasn’t a Caucasian male; your average antiwar protester has a real problem with seeing nonwhites in the way as being, well, real.  And God help you if you’re simultaneously a: nonwhite female; and inconvenient to that crowd…

Via @MarkImpomeni.

Moe Lane

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