#rsrh Meghan McCain’s lawyer vs. … “Eric Ericson?” Wait, what?

Background to the letter here: short version is that my friend and RedState colleague won the Internet last week by creating a perfect parody of Meghan McCain’s frankly incoherent writing style.  It was so perfectly and wonderfully functionally illiterate, in fact, that McCain had her lawyer send out a cease-and-desist letter; too many people really and truly thought that she had written it, you see.

By the way, Meghan?  What the hell did the comma ever do to you, that you continuously torture it so?

Anyway, here’s the letter in question.  Take a gander at who it’s addressed to – which should tell you everything that you need to know about the intellectual capacity of Team Meghan.  Or its collective facility at doing research.  Or its inherent ability to come in out of the rain, apparently.

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “#rsrh Meghan McCain’s lawyer vs. … “Eric Ericson?” Wait, what?”

  1. I don’t understand why RS pulled the posts, rather than clarify (brutally) for the comprehension-impaired that no, that isn’t in fact Meggie Mac.

  2. As I posted over at RS in response to Eric(k)’s post:

    Go easy on her attorneys. They’re making wheelbarrows of cash off that retainer and all the various legal work she needs done for her commercial “interests”. So if she got worked up about a parody that plainly falls under 1st amendment protections they’ve gotta send a letter and threaten “legal recourse” somewhere in there to keep Meghan happy.

    Satire of public figures is next-to-impossible to sue for in the United States (otherwise the Daily Show and SNL* would be in some trouble) and the satiric intent of Leon’s post is beyond dispute and beyond any reasonable expectation of intent to deceive given the history of RS’s coverage of Meghan McCain and the context of a post written by “Totally” Meghan McCain.

    Speaking of which, I don’t know why they’re involved at all, though, since they represent Meghan Marguerite McCain and not Ms. “Totally M. McCain”.

    *Meghan M. McCain worked for SNL during college — SNL being an program that mocks well-known public figures and tears them down through impersonations. She also worked for Newsweek, which libels actual journalists on a weekly basis by impersonating a news magazine.

  3. Dear Mr. Gess,
    1. The fact that you use “intellectual property” and “Meghan McCain” in the same paragraph is sufficient grounds to mock you mercilessly.
    2. If you or your client had looked more closely, you would have seen that the posts were written by “Totally Meghan McCain.” Obviously, this is a different person.
    3. It is a known fact that stupid people make the baby Jesus cry. Redstate was trying to make him feel better and now we’re back where we started because of you. I hope you’re happy.

  4. Moe,
    I must, have missed, this the first time it, was posted at RS. I read it and laughed, till I cried. What a hoot!

  5. Having just today penned a “cease and desist” letter with the company lawyers, I can pretty confidently state that this letter is a piece of $#@*. Horribly written.

    Btw, Megs, you just raised the profile and gave credence to Erick, RS, etc. Of course, I guess you can be forgiven, seeing as how a lack of understanding of human nature appears to be genetic…

  6. “Please be advised that this firm represents Meghan McCain with respect to..”


    “…intellectual property matters.”

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