I’ll be on NRA News tonight regarding Operation Fast & Furious.

You should be able to listen in via here: the program is Cam & Co., which starts at 9 PM EST and goes on until midnight. I should be on some time after 10 PM.

Meanwhile: Attorney General Eric Holder is very upset:

In his most forceful criticism of Republicans during his time as attorney general, Holder said that he had said little so far about the gun-smuggling probe because the Justice Department inspector general is investigating it but that he could not sit idly by while a Republican congressman suggested that law enforcement and government employees be considered accessories to murder.

Actually, ‘sitting idly by’ would be a bit of an improvement there, Mister Attorney General. For that matter, ‘sitting idly by’ is more or less the basic defense that Holder is trying to make in the first place: to wit, that the Attorney General had not lied when he falsely claimed that he was unaware of Operation Fast & Furious* before April of 2011 or so.  Apparently, Holder had somehow missed the import of multiple memos from July 2010 that spelled out that the operation involved straw purchasers who were “responsible for the purchase of 1500 firearms that were then supplied to Mexican drug trafficking cartels;” it’s an interesting thing to see a Cabinet official attempt to make the argument that he’s too intellectually incurious to be guilty of perjury, but I guess that you have to play the hand that you’re dealt.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Short version: we allowed guns to be sold to Mexican narco-terrorist groups.  We lost track of the guns.  The guns ended up being used to shoot a lot of Mexican nationals – much to the fury of the Mexican government, who was as much out of the loop as anybody else.

11 thoughts on “I’ll be on NRA News tonight regarding Operation Fast & Furious.”

  1. You know, if they don’t want to be considered accessories to murder, maybe they shouldn’t have facilitated the transfer of guns to guys who were likely to be murderers?

    Just a thought.

  2. I can’t shake the feeling that the Mexican gov’t knew about this. Cam has said Calderon doesn’t want bad publicity in an election year, but it seems to me he should be incandescent with rage. He and Obama have a tacit acknowledgement–the old ‘omelette’ and such?

  3. I can’t shake the feeling that the Mexican gov’t knew about this.

    Me too. And I’m not sure why. It’s just a nagging feeling I have whenever the subject comes up.

    1. The general impression I’m getting from people who can actually read Spanish is that the Mexicans are livid; it’s just being under-reported in the news. Also, absent starting a war, there’s not much that they can do…

  4. They are livid. The company I worked for was in meetings with Mexican Government officials when F&F broke…they weren’t happy.

  5. I get that Mexican police/citizens are furious (they are, after all, the ones being slaughtered) and the AG Morales is speaking out–but it’s Calderon’s passivity that strikes me as . . . odd.

  6. If only Mexicans could, you know, arm themselves. (And I’m bummed you were on Cam’s show the one night I wasn’t listening.)

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