Finished DA: Mark of the Assassin this morning.

Pretty good, at least on the first run-through: if you missed the ability to sneak around and ambush people like you could in Dragon Age Origins then this will please you.  There’s combat, traps, a good primary NPC to interact with, and a critical moment where Bioware apparently does not choose to railroad you into going along with a predetermined, particular moral/ethical decision.  I think that it still takes you to the boss fight – but, hell, it’s a video game.  I want to be taken to the boss fight.

Also, the party’s running commentary was pretty good.  Again, at least the running commentary among the NPCs that I normally bring along to these things.

2 thoughts on “Finished DA: Mark of the Assassin this morning.”

  1. So this evening I finally get the email from Bioware telling me that it’s available. And that I have to get it and play it before Oct 26th to get some bloody ring. Maybe this weekend …

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