Rick Perry’s post-Dartmouth remarks, Part I.

Our own Aaron Gardner was on hand to record the Governor’s remarks after the debate last night. I’ll be putting up the video in two parts: this part consists of the formal remarks that Governor Perry made, and the second will be from the question-and-answer period.

Not to be, ah, pawkish about this or anything: but as you can see, the difference between Perry’s performance at debates, and his ability to interact with a room, is palpable.

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2 thoughts on “Rick Perry’s post-Dartmouth remarks, Part I.”

  1. Yeah, but we elect presidents based on their acceptability to the press, not their actual leadership ability.

  2. This is a big part of how Gov. Perry wins elections. This is natural in Perry and he digs chatting with the voters. People feel it in their gut cause it’s not a pretense…It’s just Rick Perry being Rick Perry.

    It matters if the politician will travel and Perry campaigned in every county of Texas & he’ll go to every county in the US more than once. He also reaches out to Local media because most people trust that more then they do national media. His attacks build on a theme and in Romney’s case it is Oamalite & they are strategic.

    He’ll fight Romney in every state for every delegate and he will probably beat him. His record in Texas is what will seal the deal.

    Perry won’t care how many pundits count him out cause they always count him out…He goes to the voters.

    Gov. Perry is the only candidate who has beaten both a Rove & an Axelrod campaign. He has never lost a race.

    It won’t be over till Perry decides it’s over and that will be at the last voting booth.

    Cowboy politics and Perry is about the best there is.

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