“A black Cow, at midnight, eating a licorice…”

I got this Rep. Darrell Issa appearance wrt Operation Fast & Furious on Face the Nation via email today, and it’s worth watching:

Extra points, by the way, for CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson pointing out that the biggest problem here is that we don’t know what we don’t know. I have found that there’s a pretty close correlation between the group of people who didn’t recognize the clarity of Rumsfeld’s now-famous formulation, and the group of people who cannot be relied upon to come in out of the rain; it’s refreshing to see a CBS reporter demonstrate an acceptable level of cognitive awareness.

Anyway, the title is a quote from Rep. Issa, and it’s a description of this:

…which is one of the pages that the Department of Justice considered to be an adequate response to an information request by the House Oversight Committee. About the only information that you can gather from that is that the Justice Department apparently has plenty of black ink.

4 thoughts on ““A black Cow, at midnight, eating a licorice…””

  1. I’m beginning to like the cut of her jib. I learned yesterday she was the reporter who broke the (mundane at the time) news that Obama was taking so much money from Wall street.

    And now this. Last week, it looked like she was going to be shut down, instead she’s unleashed. I wonder what she said to her bosses at the network.

    I now have two reporters I can somewhat trust not to always look the other way when there’s Democratic malfeasance.

  2. Jeff, perhaps what her bosses learned was that real reporting actually increased their revenues. You know, that old fashioned supply and demand thing that the evil capitalists use.

  3. Jesus, look at the way Scheiffer interviewed Issa versus the democrat.

    So Mr.Issa are you saying…..
    So Mr. Issa are you claiming….
    Some Say you’re asking for countless documents….


    Some say Mr.Issa is on a witch hunt do you agree…
    Please give me your thoughs on this situation while I let you ramble on uninterrupted.

    I know this stuff shouldn’t get me mad because it’s par for the course, but come on already. I’m so sick of this blatant bias.

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