“Solyndra, you’re breaking my cred…”

I am in shock. I am in veritable shock. Somebody put together a parody of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Cecelia…”

that actually scans.

Meanwhile, in other news: it’s just come out that Solyndra made a last minute lobbying effort to influence Congress’s investigation of the company.  Didn’t work, of course – the Republican-led House is in no mood for shenanigans, particularly when they’re shenanigans that started during the Bad Scary Time – but I suppose that they had to try.  But don’t worry: no taxpayer money (provided by a Democratic-led House) was actually paid out to try to influence a Republican-led House.  Solyndra stiffed the lobbyists on the bill, you see.

Well, full points for consistency, at least.

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2 thoughts on ““Solyndra, you’re breaking my cred…””

  1. “Solyndra stiffed the lobbyists on the bill, you see.”
    Best laugh I have had in a while! 😀

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