#OWS releases coloring book in order to boost public image.

Assuming that it’s not just some ruthless capitalist making a buck.  In which case: Go, Team Adam Smith.

I want to show you something.  It’s called the Occupy – A Grown-Up Coloring Book Novel*, and while Hot Air is fully justified in eye-rolling it to the oblivion that such a thing deserves I’d like to point out my immediate observation** was as follows: Hey, guess what’s not on that cover?

That’s right: liberal arts majors.  Or social science ones.

Guess they had some difficulty coming up with a suitable candidate…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Click the link to see my little joke. Really, this is a much better choice.

**Well, my immediate observation was “Like the target audience can be expected to color within the lines.”

9 thoughts on “#OWS releases coloring book in order to boost public image.”

  1. Why is Albert Einstein puzzling over the area of a circle? John Henry sort of makes sense if you don’t think about it. Thomas Edison? So many questions…. I’m following they’re line of reasoning even less than usual…

  2. So what Thomas Edison is saying is that the 1% are inspiration and the 99% are perspiration?

  3. Who’s the bearded ‘criminal mastermind’ lookin’ dude supposed to be? Reminds me of a Bond villain…
    @Jeff: They have a line of reasoning? Rationalization, maybe…

  4. Steve Jobs? Really? There could be a lot of legitimate criticisms of Steve Jobs, but I wouldn’t think an unnerving psychotic glare would be one of them. But maybe the creator of that ‘coloring book’ knows something I don’t?

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