Ah, First World Problems.

I’m at a bit of an impasse, here.  I have sucked out all the juices possible for Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic 2.  I’ve long since gotten everything that I was going to get out of Dragon Age 2; I’m now just waiting for the next DLC. Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition is months away.  Right now, I have two choices: try to get back into Assassin’s Creed 2, or else fire up Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  The problem with the former is that I probably really do need to pick up something like Xbox 360 Controller if I want to play the game; the problem with the latter is that I had it reserved for January or February, when the ME3 shakes would start really getting bad.

Anybody got an opinion? – You don’t have to have one, by the way.  As I said, this is a First World problem.  I should just be grateful that I have access to clean water, food, and clothing.

16 thoughts on “Ah, First World Problems.”

  1. except for the boss battles, I’d go for Deus Ex HR over AC2, but mostly because it oozes Blade Runner-ish atmosphere.

  2. Why not pick up Dark Souls? I’ve put in over 100 hours since it came out just a month ago. The predecessor was great (Demon’s Souls) and this installment is both larger and more accessible. Plus it’s on multiple platforms. I can guarantee you’ve never played anything quite like it.

    Skyrim is another obvious game to check out. I’ve been a Bethesda fan boy since Morrowind. Their style of RPG is a bit different than BioWare’s, but – in my opinion – more engaging. Talk about juices, the Elder Scrolls series is open-world gaming at its finest.

    1. Ladies and gentlemen: contrary to popular belief, the right-wing blogosphere is NOT fully subsidized by the Koch brothers. Why do you think that I pimp the Amazon stuff, rattle the tip jar every so often, and try to provoke the Left into screaming fits? It’s because there’s a very limited amount in the monthly budget for geekstuff. Bizarrely, my wife thinks that the mortgage and the college funds take precedence. Go figure. 🙂

      1. Also, I should note: thank God that I have my problems, and not a lot of other people’s. Roof over head, bills paid every month, wife & kids are healthy, and food in the fridge. I got First World Problems, in other words.

  3. @Moe: you mean people don’t just throw money at you cause of awesomeness? There truly is no justice. I say we squat on public property until someone gives Moe an unlimited gaming budget.

  4. C’mon Moe, what can we say? We are readers of a right-wing blog, and we’re not satisfied with any of the choices we’ve been given. We’d rather dream on the candidates who aren’t in the running, but really should be. Sound familiar?

  5. Let me pat myself on the back for actually giving Moe advice based on the options offered. 🙂

  6. I’ll admit it. I’m a trailing edge gamer. I’ve played through DA:O 8 times and DA2 4 times. But I’ve now purchased Mass Effect (not ME2, ME) and Morrowind GOTY for $10 apiece, and I’m set for a few months.

    Yes, I admit it, the $10 I spent for ME would probably feed Obama’s brother in Kenya for a week, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t feed his uncle or aunt in Massachusetts for a day.

    As a proud resident of what the Hawaiians call their eighth island (Las Vegas), which Obama just said is part of Asia, I hereby claim third world status, which, being as how I can afford $10 for a game, must make me part of the world wide 1%.

    1. If you roll Paragon, I actually recommend playing ME2 first on default options, then play ME straight-up Boy/Girl Sco[u]t, then play ME2 with your ME save. The end effect for me was a constant feeling in my second ME2 run-through that I had awoken from a horrible, horrible nightmare where all sorts of awful things had happened to my friends but THEY NEVER HAPPENED, see, they’re RIGHT THERE and smiling, it was just a bad dream, IT WAS JUST A BAD DREAM.

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