#rsrh Elizabeth Warren denies Occupiers the second time. #OWS

Because, after all, principles are principles – but a Senate seat is a Senate seat.

U.S. Senate hopeful and Harvard Law prof Elizabeth Warren, who has claimed she laid the “intellectual foundation” for the Occupy Wall Street movement, is jilting the anti-corporate proteges in her own Ivy League yard, refusing to sign a petition in support of Occupy Harvard.

Warren, who declined to speak to the Herald, is focused on her campaign, said spokesman Kyle Sullivan.

A couple things to bring away from this: first, isn’t it cute when a political neophyte gets his or her very first hit of Establishment Juice?   Not so cute when they come down from the high, of course; even less cute when they discover that it’s never as good as it is the first time.  Some get over it; some decide to keep riding the jackass*.  Guess we’re seeing which one Elizabeth Warren is, huh?

Also, for the benefit of any random Activist Left types that wander in: the title is only a literary reference in very specific – and very, very parochial – environments. The first denial was, of course, several weeks ago; gotta love those fair-weather populists, huh? There’s also a subtext to said reference: essentially, that there will be further denials/betrayals.

Traditionally, there should be at least one more.  And it’ll be the loudest and the most vehement of them all.

Moe Lane

*Or, alas, the elephant.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Elizabeth Warren denies Occupiers the second time. #OWS”

  1. “After the next one, she’ll become a Saint.”

    Well if tradition holds then she’ll first have to die first. At least she won’t be able to screw over her constituents …

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