#rsrh SEIU parasite Mary Kay Henry claims 99% membership.

This should give you an idea of precisely how messed up in the head the Occupy movement is:

Mary Kay Henry, the president of the nationwide Service Employees International Union, was among the 200 protesters arrested Thursday in New York.


“We are the 99 percent,” Henry laughably chanted as she was being arrested.

As PJ Tatler noted, Henry makes about 250 grand a year. Her partner happens to make another 100 grand. That puts their combined household income at the veritable edge of what the New York Times indicates as being the top 1% of American family incomes.  In comparison… well, I’m not going to tell you what my family’s combined household income is, but I’ll tell you this: it is a fraction of what Mary Kay Henry makes.  And yet, somehow, we’re expected to accept that people like me are the oligarchs and people like Henry are of the People.



I mean, not even Glenn Greenwald are that stupid*.

Moe Lane

*Although Greenwald certainly were not shy about showing their stupidity elsewhere in that particular piece.  Did you know that the Tea Party screwed up by putting a lot of like-minded public officials in the House, Senate, various governor’s offices, and state legislatures across the land?  No?  Well, clearly then you don’t have the intellect of the Greenwald, you poor fellow.

No, seriously, click the link and go to the cartoon at the bottom.  Then laugh and laugh and laugh once you realize precisely what said cartoon is inadvertently prophesying.

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