#rsrh QotD, The Occupiers’ 15 Minutes Are Up edition.

Ed Morrisey’s gotten  tired of them too – even as free entertainment – as his sardonic reaction to the Occupy LA people finally getting the Gucci loafer* suggests:

Even the most casual observer will notice that the general assemblies tend to be indiscreet forums (THE GENERAL ASSEMBLIES TEND TO BE INDISCREET FORUMS), and the constant, loud repetition (AND THE CONSTANT, LOUD REPETITION) makes secrecy an unattainable status (MAKESH SREBRECY FAN UNNTRETATTINO FLATULENCE).

That last word was probably warped with malice aforethought.  Not to mention: malice richly, richly deserved.

Moe Lane

*Or does Gucci make boots?  I’m not exactly checked out on high fashion.

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