Via @pinkelephantpun; more as we get it.

[UPDATE]:  CNN now reporting this (via Weasel Zippers).  Note that this is probably not a redistricting compromise: John Olver (MA-01) had previously announced his retirement in October.  One wonders if a shoe is going to drop with regard to Frank’s sudden announcement…

[ANOTHER UPDATE]: There’s going to be a press conference? (Via @michellemalkin)  Oh, boy


  1. Honestly, what shoe could drop that would be more than the others that have dropped in the past? Listening to Frank after the last election, I think he’s just tired of it all.

  2. Forced to guess, I’d say he’s going to tell us some version of “we don’t deserve him any more”…

  3. I… I… I just can’t seem to come up with the proper form of celebration that this cancer is being excised from the House. The only thing that would make it more joyful would be his incarceration…

  4. Barney Frank June 27, 2005 – House Floor

    “We have, I think, an excessive degree of concern right now about home ownership and it’s role in the economy. Obviously speculation is never a good thing. But those who argue that housing prices are now at the point of a bubble seem to me to be missing a very important point. Unlike previous examples we have had where substantial excessive inflation of prices later caused some problems. We are talking here about an entity, home ownership, homes, where there is not the degree of leverage that we have seen elsewhere. This is not the dot com situation. We had problems with people having invested in business plans for which there was no reality, with people building fiber optic cable for which there was no need. Homes that are occupied may see an ebb and flow in the price at a certain percentage level but you’re not going to see a collapse that you see when people talk about a bubble. So those of us on our committee in particular will continue to push toward home ownership.”

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