#rsrh Big Labor: odd special interest group out on Keystone pipeline.

(H/T: @davidhauptmann) There’s a saying: If you’re playing poker and you haven’t figured out within the first half-hour who the sucker is, you’re the sucker.  Private sector union leadership is not quite yet at the point of realizing this: their comments and complaints about the White House’s decision to ‘delay’ the Keystone ethical oil pipeline give off the unmistakable aroma of what is really a quite shocking naivete.  Not to mention a darkly humorous naivete, as well: these poor people think that they matter.

But let me rip off the bandage.  Union leadership is going to stay solidly Democratic this election cycle, which means money is going to continue to flow to the Democrats.  That’s all that matters.  Luddite Greenies are significantly more shaky in their support this go-round: that makes them more important to this administration.  That is likewise the end of the story.  And since we already know that Obama’s planning to write off working class white voters, the question now becomes: why is anybody really surprised that this is happening?

But Big Labor can look on the bright side: they can still give the Democrats money.  And I had more to say, but the contempt is pretty much redundant at this point.

Moe Lane


3 thoughts on “#rsrh Big Labor: odd special interest group out on Keystone pipeline.”

  1. The rank and file members of the unions quit mattering to union leadership a loooong time ago. All the leadership cares about is brokering the power the members represent to feather their own nests.

  2. More specifically Moe, PRIVATE SECTOR big labor is getting left out. PS Unionism is sooooo 1930’s. It’s all about the sweet sweet Gov Unions baby!

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