#rsrh Pretty good ad from Team Perry.

This is a one-night one from the Perry campaign, specific to Iowa.

Meanwhile, the knives are out between Romney & Gingrich.  Should be interesting to watch; God knows that both campaigns are not exactly lacking in material to work with.

One thought on “#rsrh Pretty good ad from Team Perry.”

  1. Definitely interesting times. But I have to disagree, somewhat, with Ace. Newt’s strength should not be unexpected, it’s easily understandable when you realize that a good chunk of the base would prefer to vote for (in order)

    1. A very strong conservative.
    2. Someone who just might possibly be conservative (the whole field except for Romney/Huntsman, who we know don’t qualify)
    3. Romney
    4. Just about every single other person eligible except for Obama
    5. Obama.

    So this portion of the base (which is about 30% or so I think) just keeps trying on candidates for size to see if one sticks. If none do, Romney wins, we get 4 years of mushy RINOism that will sharply increase the size of goverment, but look positively tiny next to Obama, and then we’ll get NEXT_DEMOCRAT_IN_LINE. (In this case I don’t think Obama would run again in 2016, I think he’ll find he enjoys being an ex president a lot more than being president).

    Of course, I think that any one of the field would beat obama right now, barring a meltdown of immense proportions. Well, Ron Paul might not, that would probably be 50/50.

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