#rsrh QotD, The Answer’s Not Obvious? edition.

David Paul Khun, in the course of writing a reasonably clear-headed analysis of the 2012 Democratic electorate (and why the Democrats are messing it up):

America is the only Western nation where the liberal party consistently loses the workingman (and woman). No comparable European democracy has seen the conservative party unfailingly win the Archies and Ediths for more than three decades. Now Democrats seem to be on the verge of resigning themselves to this trend.

There are myriad macro reasons for this exceptional fact of American politics: a center-right nation, the two-party system, the modern contest for identity blocs, the unusual eminence of cultural issues in American politics on both the right and the left.

It also doesn’t precisely hurt that, by and large, the Democratic Establishment kind of publicly loathes and despises middle and lower class white voters.

Well, it doesn’t precisely hurt us.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, The Answer’s Not Obvious? edition.”

  1. They quit representing us so we quit voting for them. Then there’s the loathing thing that never has really sold well.

  2. Heh, thought this was funny, Moe, and you might enjoy it if you haven’t all ready seen it”
    “GM is now offering to buy back any Chevy Volt that catches fire.. unfortunately the liberal media is not offering to buy back President Obama.” -Jodi Miller
    (from NewsBusters)

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