Tim Tebow keeps making the right kinds of enemies.

You know, I don’t even watch football and I’ve gotten into the habit of checking out what the final score was for the Broncos game.  Because every time Tim Tebow gets the win and thanks Jesus and the team for it, somebody goes entertainingly nuts about the former.

Latest example:

(Via The Right Scoop and The Radio Equalizer)  I figure that eventually Tim Tebow will lose another game, although thanks to him the Broncos are in a heck of a better position for a playoff slot, which is I believe is the crazy hope that they had when they made him starting QB.  And when that day comes, I will be largely grateful that I am not, say, Bill Press in the video above: largely because the video above causes me to suspect that Press may be incapable of sustaining a useful erection sans a constant obsession of just how badly he hates unabashed Christians.

[Oops! H/T @DanCleary]

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