Jade Empire is turning out to be quite good.

It’s a bit like Knights of the Old Republic, only without the problem of having to look like something that George Lucas came up with with regard to landscaping.  Dag, but most of the scenery in those movies is grim…

Yeah, yeah, yeah: heresy.  Seriously, though, the landscape is really pretty in this one.

2 thoughts on “Jade Empire is turning out to be quite good.”

  1. So, how well does it run in a 64-bit environment? Are you even playing it on a Windows 7 machine?

    1. It works fine, Kresh. I’ve had one bobble so far, and that was fixed in ten seconds with a reload. I got this via Steam, and it looks like they did a good job on the conversion.

      I need a manual, though: I suspect that I’m not getting everything out of combat that I should be.

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